Even as 2021 punished the planet with a seemingly unending pandemic and unrelenting drought in the Western U.S., Panorama Organic persevered and, with the support of our loyal ranchers, key customers, partners, and consumers, continued to expand our role as the largest producer of domestic, organic, 100% grass-fed beef in the country. Please enjoy some of the highlights from our year.

Audubon Conservation Ranching Program

In honor of Earth Day in April, we proudly announced our new partnership with the National Audubon Society’s Conservation Ranching Program. With almost a million acres under organic management, our network of ranchers is committed to creating and restoring wildlife habitat that will allow endangered grassland species to thrive once again. By employing science-based protocols and metrics to measure progress, Panorama Organic and The Audubon Society will demonstrate that grazing cattle are beneficial to America’s grasslands and are integral as part of a climate-health solution. 

The Panorama Perspective

In partnership with Edible Communities, our team produced a 40-page print magazine to be distributed free of charge by our retail outlets and ecommerce partners. Featuring articles about our ranchers, Panorama Organic’s philosophy, animal welfare, the environment, and health, along with 18 mouth-watering recipes showcasing Panorama Organic’s products, the Panorama Perspective is not only informational, but beautiful.

Panorama Organic Updates the Brand’s Image, Package Labels and Adds New Products

In 2021, consumers demanded transparency & variety. Panorama Organic answered the call. 2021 saw the launch of our refreshed brand with a new logo, graphics and labels that showcase transparency. We also introduced a new line of pre-cooked hot dogs, smoked sausage, and meatballs designed for busy consumers who want convenience along with healthy organic, grass-fed beef.

Our Reach Expands Nationally

Just over a year ago Panorama Organic could be found mostly in Northern California. Thanks to the strategic efforts of our team, consumers can now find Panorama Organic products in grocery stores from Washington to Maine to Florida. In addition everyone can access our products through our e-commerce partners: Crowd Cow and Perdue Farms. The demand for organic grass-fed meats has never been stronger and our expanded presence across the U.S. allows more people to support our ranchers’ regenerative agriculture practices with their purchases.

Highest Honor from The Cornucopia Institute

The Cornucopia Institute is a non-profit educational organization that supports organic agriculture. This year, they awarded Panorama Organic their rare 5-Steak rating for our humane organic practices. They also featured one of our ranches on their website.

Building Our Community and Staying Connected

We publish a monthly enewsletter for consumers with stories about our people and our products, along with recipes and promotions.

Creating a Rancher Community Through Our “Rancher Roundup” Monthly Meetings and Newsletters

We began a series of monthly rancher Zoom meetings to bring together our growing producer network. Each call kicks off with an industry expert speaking about a topic relevant to grass-fed organic production and also includes time for sharing information and best practices. Our kick-off speaker in August was Dr. Temple Grandin. We also publish a monthly print newsletter for our ranchers to keep them up-to-date with company news, special offers and information.

We Updated Our Website and Expanded our Social Media

Because consumers find brand alignment, build trust and explore transparency through various new media forms, we transformed our website and integrated our social media. We expanded our presence and increased our frequency on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We launched our 1st ever #grassfedchallenge to connect followers with our values and products.

Panorama Organic in the News


Slow Food USA

Cooking Grass-Fed Beef with Chef Juan Barajas featuring Panorama Organic founding rancher, Darrell Wood.

Kay Cornelius Guest Stars on FAB+

PIRG/PEW Panel on antibiotics with John Tarpoff

Building team comradery and continuous education are important. We gathered our staff together in Colorado’s beautiful San Luis Valley for a few days to meet our ranchers, walk their pastures, learn about organic soil health, and have a family meal with our ranching hosts at San Juan Ranch. We finished our meetings with an education about the history of family ranching in the San Louis Valley and listened to motivational speaker Ty Coleman, the Mayor of Alamosa, Colorado.
Thank you to all of our customers, partners, ranchers, and team members for your support this year. We wish you all a happy, healthy, regenerative 2022.