10 recipes for the new year By: Angelica venturina

1: Baked Parmesan Crusted Salmon

Crunchy, tangy and easy to make, this dish consists of baked salmon slathered in a lemon cream sauce and topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. It serves around six to eight people, its preparation time being 10 minutes and cooking time being approximately 30 minutes. This recipe was discovered on “RecipeTin Eats”, a food blog created by a woman named Nagi who shares recipe ideas with people looking for cost conscious but delicious recipes.

One will need the following ingredients to make the parmesan crumb topping: one cup of panko breadcrumbs, oil spray, three tablespoons of melted butter, one third cup of grated parmesan, two tablespoons of finely chopped fresh parsley, two tablespoons of finely chopped fresh dill, one zest of lemon, one half tablespoon of salt and pepper to taste.

As for the lemon cream sauce, the required ingredients include two tablespoons of butter, one French onion finely chopped, one and one fourth cups of dry white wine, one and half cups of heavy cream, one tablespoon of Dijon mustard, two and a half tablespoons of lemon juice, one half teaspoon of sugar and salt and pepper. Of course, one would also need one side of a whole boneless salmon.

Begin by preheating the oven to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a baking tray and spread the panko crumbs all over, making sure to spray it with oil. Slide the tray into the oven and let it bake for three to five minutes until it turns a golden brown color. Immediately remove the tray from the oven and scrape the golden crumbs into a bowl, setting aside.

Adding the butter and crumbs together in the bowl, mix well. Using the same tray used earlier, line it with foil and place the salmon on it. With a butter knife, spread a thin coating of Dijon mustard evenly on the salmon and sprinkle the crumbs all over. Place this salmon in the oven and let it bake for around 20 minutes. Then, remove it from the oven and set it aside for later.

To create the savory lemon cream sauce, take a saucepan and melt the butter over medium high heat, adding the chopped French onion and cooking for two minutes. Afterwards, add the wine and bring it to a boil, letting it simmer for around five minutes. Lower the heat down to medium and stir in the pepper, cream, sugar and salt. Add in the lemon juice and Dijon mustard, stirring the contents together again. Leave it alone to simmer for two to three minutes. Once done, let it cool for 10 minutes or more to thicken. This sauce will be served with the salmon on the side.

The result of the salmon should appear with a golden, crust-like topping of crumbs all over rather than splotches of crumbs. When sliced, the inside should have a soft, pink appearance.

2: Apple Salad with Candied Walnuts and Cranberries

For a festive salad with fresh leafy greens and crisp, juicy apples along with other sweet assortments, this recipe is a great choice to follow this holiday season. The preparation time for this dish will take around 10 minutes and will serve about 16 people. This recipe was found on an American online magazine centered around food called “Taste of Home”, where recipes and the stories behind them are published online.

Ingredients necessary for this recipe include four large diced apples, one cup of chopped celery, one cup of raisins, one cup of chopped walnuts and a half cup of mayonnaise.

Start by combining the apples, celery, raisins and walnuts together in a bowl. Coat the contents with mayonnaise and toss to mix them. Using foil or plastic wrap, cover the bowl and place it in the fridge.

The outcome should appear like a well-blended, creamy mix of apples and mayonnaise.

3: Christmas Pudding

If someone’s craving a light, spicy and simple pudding to celebrate the holidays, this dish will be a great addition to one’s Christmas dinner. Preparation time will take around three hours and the dish will serve eight to 10 people. The recipe was discovered on the website of “BBC Good Food”, in which recipes ranging from baked goods to vegetarian meals are shared online.

This recipe calls for ingredients such as one cup of raisins, one cup of sultanas, one cup of self-raising flour, one cup of finely grated butter, one cup of fresh brown breadcrumbs, one cup of light muscovado sugar, one cup of chopped mixed nuts, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one teaspoon of ground mixed spice, one cup of milk, one large egg and butter for greasing. As for the butterscotch sauce, one would need 85 grams of butter, 100 grams of light muscovado sugar, 200 milliliters of double cream and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

To make the pudding, start by pouring the nuts into a mixing bowl along with the spices, stirring in the milk and egg as well. The mixture should be well combined. Once well mixed, tip the mixture into a buttered 1.5 litre pudding bowl.

Next, cover the bowl with a double layer of buttered foil and create a pleat in the middle to make sure the pudding will rise. Using string, tie the foil tightly and place the bowl in a big pan or steamer that contains simmering water. Cover with a lid and steam for two and a half hours, checking the water level occasionally. Once done, unwrap the pudding and place it onto a deep plate, inverted.

For the last step, which is making the sauce, put the butter, sugar, double cream and vanilla extract in a pan and slowly bring it to a boil while stirring occasionally. Wait for it to bubble for two to three minutes until the sugar dissolves and the appearance of the sauce is a pale brown color, slightly thick. Then, remove the pan from the heat and pour the sauce over the pudding. Be sure to decorate the pudding with the whole mixed nuts as well.

The appearance of the dish should have a caramel color for the sauce, whereas the pudding should have a dark brown look.

4: Maple Glazed Ham

This classic dish is made up of juicy, baked ham coated in maple, brown sugar. The preparation time required to make this dish takes around 20 minutes and its cooking time takes two hours and 30 minutes. The recipe was found on a food blog titled “Damn Delicious”, created by Chungah Rhee, which shares recipes, tutorials and videos for easy and quick meals.

To make this dish, one will need three fourths cups of maple syrup, one half cup of brown sugar, three tablespoons of Dijon mustard, one tablespoon of orange zest, one tablespoon of chopped fresh rosemary leaves, one tablespoon of coarsely ground black pepper, eight pounds of bone-in, room temperature sprial-cut ham.

First, preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a nine by 13 baking dish and line it with foil, lightly coating or oiling it with nonstick cooking spray.

With a medium bowl and a whisk, mix together the pepper, maple syrup, orange zest, brown sugar, Dijon mustard and rosemary.

Take the ham, cut side down, and place it inside the prepared baking dish. With one fourth cup of the maple syrup mixture, coat the ham evenly. Place the ham in the oven, making sure to coat the ham with the rest of the maple syrup mixture every 30 minutes until the ham is cooked thoroughly. The internal temperature should be 140 degrees fahrenheit. Let it stand for around five minutes.

It should have a glazy, brown outer appearance and the inside of the ham will look dark pink.

5: Cranberry Apple Pork Chops

With fresh cranberries, diced apples and seared pork chops, this crunchy dish will leave guests wanting more. Preparation time will take around 15 minutes, cooking time will be around 60 minutes and the dish can serve around four people. The recipe was found on a food website called “The Spruce Eats”, a New York based company that provides recipes and cooking tips from experienced home cooks and professional chefs. It was created by Diana Rattray, a Southern-cuisine expert and cookbook author.

The recipe calls for four pork chops, one tablespoon of shortening, one fourth cups of chopped onions, one eighth teaspoon of poultry seasoning, a dash of salt and pepper, one cup of chicken broth, one and a half cups of fresh cranberries, one peeled and diced apple, one half cup of sugar and one fourth cup of water.

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Put the shortening in a heavy skillet over medium heat and brown the pork chops on both sides. Then, place the pork chops in a baking diish, sprinkling pepper, salt, chopped onion and poultry seasoning all over. Be sure to add the chicken broth as well. Using foil, cover the pan firmly with it and place it in the oven, letting it bake for around 30 minutes.

The next step is to take the cranberries, sugar, water and diced apple and mix them in a bowl. Spread the mixture all over the porkchops and proceed to bake the pork chops for 20 to 30 minutes.

The end result should be tender, with the pork chops being browned on the top and bottom, the middle being slightly less browned. The cranberry mixture should be spread over the top of the dish.

6: Roasted Butternut Squash Parmesan

Coated with spices, crisp parmesan cheese and roasted until golden brown, this tender and sweet dish is a great for a holiday dinner. The recipe calls for 10 minutes of preparation time and 20 minutes of cooking time, serving around six people. It was found on “Well Plated”, a food blog made by cookbook author Erin Clarke where she uploads healthy and affordable recipes.

To make this dish, one will need two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, one medium diced butternut squash, four cloves of minced garlic, one teaspoon of kosher salt, one half teaspoon of Italian seasoning, one fourth teaspoon of black pepper, one cup of finely shredded Parmesan cheese and one tablespoon of chopped fresh thyme.

The first step is to preheat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, placing a rack in the middle of it. Grab some parchment paper and line a large rimmed baking sheet with it.

Take the Italian seasoning, half the Parmesan cheese, squash, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil and combine them in a large bowl, stirring until well combined. On the prepared baking sheet, spread the mixture evenly. Place the mixture in the oven and let it roast for around 10 minutes.

Then, remove the pan from the oven and toss the squash, making sure to not be too rough. Spread the squash back into an even layer and drizzle the rest of the Parmesan all over. Place it back in the oven and let it cook for 10 minutes, until the cheese is golden and the squash feels tender. Once done, put it in a bowl and drizzle with the thyme.

The result should be a bright orange color, with golden brown bits of cheese spread all over the top. Poke the squash with a fork and if tender, then that means it is ready to be served.

7: Potato Leek Soup

When combatting a bitter cold outside, having a bowl of sweet, buttery potatoes dipped in creamy broth is a guaranteed way to keep warm. This recipe calls for 15 minutes of preparation time, 30 minutes of cooking time and can serve around six people. The recipe was found on a food website called “The Kitchen Magpie”, created by mother and cookbook author Karlynn who aims to create fresh, quick meals with her family and audience.

The recipe calls for two tablespoons of butter, four leeks, six cups of sliced and peeled Russet potatoes, one cup of heavy cream and seven cups of vegetable or chicken broth.

With a large soup pot, melt butter over medium heat and then throw in the leeks. Fry the leeks until they soften, being careful not to brown them. Proceed to toss in the chicken stock and potatoes, cooking for 30-40 minutes and simmering until the potatoes soften. \

Next, use a blender to puree the the soup until it has a smooth consistency. Pour in the cream until the mixture is completely combined. It is ready to be served when it has a chunky and soft consistency,

8: Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

When looking for a simple, sweet and healthy drink full of fruits and flavor, this punch is a delicious choice for one’s Christmas dinner. It takes 10 minutes to prepare. This recipe was found on a food blog titled “Half-Baked Harvest”, created by cookbook author Tieghan Gerard who hopes to inspire a love for food in others through her recipes.

Ingredients needed for this recipe include two cups of pomegranate juice, a couple dashes of orange bitters, arils from one pomegranate, one bottle of sparkling water, two bottles of apple cider and one and a half cup of orange juice.

Begin by combining the pomegranate juice, orange juice, apple cider and lemon juice in one large bowl, stirring until well combined. Put it in the fridge to chill until ready to be served.

Gradually pour in the sparkling water and a couple dashes of orange bitters, carefully stirring. Add in the pomegranate arils and use a ladle to pour the juice into glasses.

9: Holiday Antipasto Wreath

For a colorful, fun and delicious dish to add to one’s Christmas dinner, this recipe is a great one to follow. Preparation time takes around 30 minutes with no cooking time required. The recipe was found on “Simply Scratch”, a food blog created by Laura Mcnamara who shares homemade recipes made from scratch on it.

To make this dish, one needs 30 to 40 four inch skewers, fresh basil, fresh rosemary sprigs, pitted olives, pepperoncini, one pint of cherry tomatoes, one jar of artichoke hearts, one jar of sweet cherry peppers, eight ounces of fresh mozzarella and six ounces of thinly sliced salami.

First, arrange the ingredients in a bowl. Then, place the ingredients onto the skewers randomly according to one’s taste. Put the skewers on a platter, arranging them in the shape of a wreath. Make sure to layer at least two to three times.

With the small sprigs of rosemary, randomly placing it in various areas of the wreath.

10: Peppermint Bark Ice Cream

For an easy dessert to end one’s holiday dinner, this ice cream loaded with peppermint will be a great treat. The preparation time will take around 15 minutes and does not require churning, making it a quick and easy dish to make. It can serve one pan of ice cream. This recipe was found on a food website called “The Sugar Coated Cottage”, a site dedicated to providing recipes for baked goods and treats.

The recipe calls for two cups of heavy cream, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, three fourths cups of mini chocolate chips, one bag of Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark squares broken into pieces and 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk.

First, take a loaf pan and line it with parchment paper, setting it aside. Whisk heavy cream in a large bowl until a whipped cream forms. Then, fold in the vanilla, sweetened condensed milk and the mini chocolate chips.

Next, pour in one third of the ice cream mixture into the prepared pan, placing bark pieces atop of the mixture. Repeat this process two more times and drizzle the mini chocolate chips on top. Then, place the mixture in the freezer until it is frozen. Once frozen, it is ready to be served as a dessert.