Canbury School Newsletter 14th January 2022. ISSUE 255

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Students and staff have settled back into the rhythm of the new year. The clear blue skies and crisp weather have added to the sense of a fresh start and brisk business. Around the school there is a renewed focus and determination around learning. Our older students are busy revising for mocks that start on the 24th January and some of our sixth formers have completed public exams this week.

We were pleased to welcome prospective Canbrians to school for two days this week. They enjoyed their lessons and familiarising themselves with the School. Many thanks to the Year 7 students who ‘showed them the ropes’ and made them welcome.

Today the Options video is being sent out for Year 9 students and families to view and consider; this will be followed by the Year 9 Parents’ Evening on the 10th February. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions or require advice on any aspect of the Options process. Wth Year 9 still in mind, the DTP & Men ACW vaccinations are now confirmed for 19th January.

We enjoyed our first House assembly today, delivered by Johnson’s House Captain, Louis Clarkson, who told us about the inspiration for the House name - Amy Johnson. We heard about the bravery, intelligence and resourcefulness of the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia. Her flying career began in 1928 and her hobby soon became an all-consuming determination to prove that women could be as competent as men in a hitherto male dominated field.

As January is traditionally a time for new resolutions, we also talked about setting ourselves goals and challenges that are achievable and sustainable throughout the year. So, whether those goals be academic, personal or social, we all would benefit from reviewing last year and thinking about one thing to work on in the new year ahead of us.

Carolyn Yates.


Students of the week

Year 7

Bethany for giving a wonderful warm welcome back and asking how Mrs Rich's day had been.

Rory for being super organised in ICT and joining in from home - excellent work, well done.

Theo for active participation during on-line lessons and being helpful to others.

Lloyd, Bethany, Evan and Francesca for continued excellent work in Geography this week!

Lloyd and Rory for getting the most points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

It was lovely to see Theo joining in with the Spanish lesson this week.

Everyone in Spanish for excellent timetables in Spanish with beautiful illustrations to go alongside their lessons.

Year 8

History star of the week is Brendan for his excellent and insightful comments on the Elizabethan Religious Settlement.

Reenie and Elizabeth for their super-polite and hard-working start to the new term in ICT.

Sam S, Brendan, Reenie and Elizabeth for their outstanding attitude and showing great teamship skills in Wellbeing! Well done!

Elizabeth for getting the most points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Year 9

Freddie for being our in-house technician in ICT, and with a special mention to Miss Knivett for her very well-remembered hardware and software knowledge :)

Rose for excellent English Language homework. Well done Rose.

Thomas for managing to nutmeg Mr Temple in Games this week!

Louis for his effort in reaching his personal goal this term.

Layla for her progress in reaching personal goals. Well done!

Ollie for getting the most points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Year 10

The whole of Mrs Burke’s English class for their excellent analysis of an extract from ‘Dark Christmas’ by Jeanette Winterson. Excellent work.

Ross for getting the most points on Dr Frost Maths this week

Excellent effort from Carl, Adam, Zac, Orlanda and Ross in Spanish this week when tackling the difficult topic of verbs

Orlanda for her impressive start to our algorithm work in ICT.

Year 11

Well done to Jack doing his Travel and Tourism BTEc exam this week!

Phoebe and Shaaiyon for getting the most points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Great preparation from Ain, Harry, Larry and Matthew for their Spanish listening and speaking exams which are taking place next week. Good luck to you all!

Year 12

Harry for growing his independence in his 1:1 sessions.

Armani for her enthusiastic start back in ICT.

Year 13

Well done to all the Year 13s for doing their BTEC exams this week.

Artist Armani going from strength to strength

We are constantly delighted by the gifts and skills Canbury students have. We couldn't resist showcasing these two pieces of work done by Year 12 student Armani. Out-standing work Armani. Really outstanding.

Shaaiyon takes the bleep test glory!

It’s been another action packed week in PE & Games. Wednesday saw the first Games lesson of the term for KS4 & 5 with football, badminton and zumba & yoga the option blocks for students. We are lucky to have Julia, a qualified dance and yoga instructor from Synergy taking the zumba and dance classes. Students were thoroughly de-stressed and relaxed from the session, so much so Armani needed to be woken at the end!

Students were out and about stretching their limbs, exercising their hearts and being supported by one of our brilliant new volunteers - you may recognise him!

In PE, Mr Wallbank has been putting students through their paces with a variety of fitness tests. This week Year 11 and the Sixth Form completed the bleep test (everyone’s favourite!). Well done to Shaaiyon for achieving a very respectable level 8.

Meet the member of staff.

It's the return of 'Meet the member of staff' - the bit of the Newsletter where we get to spend five minutes finding out a bit more about a member of the Canbury family. This week we learn what Learning Support Assistant Mr Goodyear might pull from his burning home and how he is very partial to a spot of fancy dress.....

What's your most treasured possession?

My record player and my duolingo subscription! Voila!

How did you find your way to work at Canbury?

I finished my final assignment at university in March 2021, and after doing little other than sleeping for a week afterwards I decided to start looking for schools to work at. Fortunately that was Canbury! It was originally only supposed to be for the Summer Term, but I was lucky enough that I was asked to stay permanently.

What piece of advice would you give your 15 year old self?

Don't stay still. Sometimes life will force you to take a backwards step, but it may give you a better view of where you want to go in the future.

Favourite way to unwind?

Either running or listening to some music or a podcast, sometimes simultaneously!

Mr Goodyear had possibly just run to school in this photo.

Social Media - good or bad?

As Mrs Bate will be aware after our long conversations on the matter, I think it can very easily become bad for you. Do your best to ensure that social media is only a small part of your life (easier said than done - but do try).

Top tip for getting a bit of difficult homework done?

We can only ask that you do your best. If that doesn't work then it's best to ask for help. (Also, Corbettmaths is always a useful resource for my Maths students!) Click here for more information.

Best thing about your school days?

I drummed in a band (now known as King Nun, but they were called Electric Teeth at the time). It was lots of fun! I quit to focus on rugby, but they're still going and doing quite well.

Living the dream - a younger Mr Goodyear. The drumsticks give it away!

Worst thing about your school days (and would you do something differently if you could go back?)

I'd certainly revise more than I did, but I spent far too much time worrying about what people thought of me. If I could go back, I'd try to be far more comfortable in my own skin and embrace the idea that the differences between people are often the best part of any friendship.

Perfect way to spend a half term day - we're thinking ahead!

Ideally, abroad! However, I have plans for a game of 5 a side with my cousin and some friends before I make my way to watch Tottenham. We're playing Wolves that day so it's entirely possible the day won't be perfect after that.

We all know you as a member of staff who loves a spot of fancy dress - what's your best ever fancy dress outfit?

There's been a few, but the standout has to be the tin of Spam costume. I've been waiting for an opportunity to wear it here!

Much as we love nuts, and we know they're good for us....

This is a polite notice to remind everyone that Canbury has a strict 'no nuts' policy. There can be no exceptions to this - staff, students, visitors are gently reminded

Calling all pudding lovers

June 2022 will see celebrations up, down and all around the UK, as we join together to mark The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. As part of many events being organised to recognise the 70 year rule of The Monarch, Fortnum & Mason has launched a competition to find a 'Jubilee Pudding'.

And in an exciting added extra, the creator of the winning pudding will be invited to be at the centre of the celebrations. Get creative in the kitchen, and your creation could be a joyful and delicious part of the first ever Platinum Jubilee. Applications are welcomed from UK residents aged 8 and over. What are you waiting for? Just imagine how much fun you'll be able to have in the process?! Click here for all the details.


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