Canbury School Newsletter 9th January 2022. ISSUE 254

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

We were delighted to welcome back our students and colleagues to school yesterday. Attendance was good and students settled back into their lessons and routines well.

The LFTs conducted on-site went very well and thanks are once again due to the testing team consisting of Mr Fairbrass, Mrs Griffith, Mrs Davies, Ms Boggi, Mrs Damaa, Miss Mountain, and Mrs Anindita-Beckman.

We are delighted to welcome some new students to Year 9 this term: Katya, Lucas and Connie who will be joining us a little later in the term.

We also extend a warm welcome to Ms Garewal who will be teaching Business Studies and KS3 Geography; also Mr Brinkmanis who will be teaching Art, Photography and Graphics and helping out with some pastoral duties. Mrs Burke will be teaching Sociology and coordinating the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) for our Sixth Form students.

We will also be joined by some volunteers and work placements: Luca Marks, who left us a Sixth Form student in June 2021, is back with us as an LSA this term. George Birks, who left us in 2016, is returning to support us in the Art Department. We are also fortunate to have three Psychology student placements joining us from Kingston University: Ms Lansdell, Ms Langan and Ms Hanware. They will be working with Ms Chorazyczewska and Mrs Rich, on different days, over the next term.

We know that all Canbrians will make all our newcomers very welcome.

Turning again to COVID-19, the landscape continues to change. You received a detailed letter regarding the new protocols at the beginning of term and we continue to keep these under review and will keep you updated. Although the new variant has been worrying, it is important to hang on to the many positives that put us in a very different position from this time last year. Although there is still much work to be done , our ability to manage the virus and the programme of vaccination certainly will continue to make the biggest difference. We hope for clearer skies ahead.

With the Canbury community brought together once again, we are looking forward to this term and the school gradually returning to a full programme of activities.

Carolyn Yates.


Familiar and new faces at Canbury this week.

Many thanks to Year 11 student and Noble House Captain Ain, who came to the rescue with these pictures for today's Newsletter. As you can see, we're back in and getting on with life. And so you can put names to some of the new faces mentioned above, can you spot Mrs Garewal and Mr Brinkmanis?

Key dates for the term ahead.

The Year 9 Options Evening, this year, will be presented via video link as we are avoiding in-person meetings as much as possible. The link will be sent to you by next Friday with a follow-up Google Form should you have any questions. The pre-recorded video will give you the opportunity to rewind and review the options at your leisure.

19th January (tbc) Year 9 DTP & Men ACWY Vaccinations.

24th January - Mock exams begin for Year 11.

10th February Year 9 Parents Evening - online.

11th February - break up for half term week.

22nd February Year 11 Parents Evening - online.

Touch typing anyone?

Mrs Burt is offering some help to any students who wish to brush up on their touch typing skills. The sessions will be online and are open to all students. If you are interested in finding out more get in touch with Mrs Burt in the first instance on lburt@canburyschool.co.uk and she says she will get you started very soon. 

Mr Barnes cracks the whip!

In an effort to undo some of the Christmas excesses, we are covering health related fitness in PE this term. Year 10 were put through their paces with a body weight workout today, with students showing great effort and resilience. To finish the lesson, we had a competition to see who could complete the following workout the quickest:

50 star jumps

40 squats

30 plank shoulder taps

20 mountain climbers

10 press ups

5 burpees

Quickest times went to Anders (2:47) and Connor (2:54). Why not try to beat their times this weekend?!

How did you spend your holiday?

Our Speech and Language therapist Ms Jones completed this magnificent 1,000 piece jig-saw puzzle over the Christmas holiday. As you can see, her neighbour's cat Raymond "helped"......