Aureum the land of gods & Monsters

The Sunderlands Province

A rich, forested land mostly inhabited by Elves. There are two governing kingdoms, Ro'Hale and Elistria. The clan Ro'Hale was established as a symbol of unity between the kingdoms and the clans. Princess Resayla Aurelian married a clan leader, Kaius of Massara, to solidify the alliance. Many Elves from neighboring clans also moved into the clan Ro'Hale in solidarity. The other clans are Massara, Hishmal, and Allanalon.

Before the Elder War, the Sunderlands was the seat of the Aurelesian Pantheon. History tells stories of a time when Gods dwelt among the Elves in close communion. They gifted the Elves with strong magic. After the Elder War, the Gods withdrew, leaving the Elves to recover after years of fighting. The ancient Elven magic has been washed away by bloodshed.

Clan Life

Most of the Sunderlands' Elves are peaceful, but most of the youth are trained for combat. The Baore, the province which neighbors the Sunderlands along its northern border, is notorious for its aggressive revolution. The Baore's Dalis army often attacks the Sunderlands, pilfering its natural resources. Clan-dwelling Elves live in a state of hypervigilance and only fight when a defense is necessary. Still, their military is weaker than the Baore's.

The Dalis Army

Most provinces are ruled by two Monarchs who work in conjunction to serve their subjects. Except for the Baore. It has one sovereign, the Grizzly King. Berlium Gaspar of Dale has claimed both thrones of the Baore, and united the armies of Dulin & Dale into one brute force: the Dalis.

The Dalis is the strongest military force along the Rift, the western border of Aureum. Historically, the Baore has only one ally. The Keepers of the Drach, an Illynic coalition in the northwest.

The rest of Aureum does not look kindly on the Baore, yet none can deny admiration for its civilization's profound revolution since the Elder War. This revolution continues under King Berlium's reign. As the Dalis advance through the Sunderlands, many turn a blind eye to its cruelty against the Elves.

The Sunderlands' Resources

The Sunderlands is backed by the Rift Mountains. It serves as the border between Aureum and Illyn. These mountains are rich in Cedenic and Illynic Ore; legendary elements used to craft weapons of power.

The Clan Massara has the most fruitful mine in the Sunderlands. Historically, Massara has a complicated relationship with the Baore. Presently, it shares part of its mine with Dulin.

The Clan Allanalon sprawls alongside the River Liriene. In its region, rare herbs grow along the riverbanks. These plants are rumored to have magical and medicinal properties. The Allanalon Elves are very protective of this precious resource.

The Gods' Woods is an uninhabited region of the north of the Sunderlands. Elves are wary of this area as it is rumored to be cursed by the Gods and haunted by wraiths. A strange tree, the Wither Maiden, can only be found in this region. Its flowers have magical properties that are vastly unknown.

The Clan Ro'Hale is positioned in the heart-center of the Sunderlands. It's not far from the River Liriene or the Gods' Woods, but it doesn't boast any unique resources. However, this clan is the most militant of the Sunderlands. Because some of its prominent leaders have ties to the Ro'Halen Kingdom, there are knights dwelling among native warriors. Still, the Elves do not raise their weapons unless provoked. Presently, the Dalis is their worst threat.

The Clan Hishmal is renowned for its group of Vigilants, healers. This clan lies in the south, close to the Elistrian Kingdom. The Vigilants of Hishmal often work alongside the Elistrian arcanists. The clan leader had a good relationship with the Heralds of the Moldorn. Unfortunately, Hishmal was brutally attacked by the Dalis. Most of its survivors were taken captive by the Baore.

The Baore Province

The North is a harsh land, mostly inhabited by Humans. There used to be two rulers, two kingdoms: Dulin and Dale. Twenty years ago, King Myromer Gaspar of Dale was killed by his son, Berlium, along with all his other heirs. After ascending his father's throne by force, Berlium conquered the Kingdom of Dulin, which had been ruled by his uncle. He slew his entire family to ensure no one could contest his reign.

The city of Mannfel is the Baore's crowned jewel. It is one of the most advanced civilizations in Aureum. The coastal village of Tecar is heavily guarded by a sect of the Dalis military, and little is known about it. It's rumored to be inhabited by criminals. There is also an outpost in Dale that shares the name Tecar. It serves as a slave den and is populated by those the Baore has taken captive.

The Baorean Revolution

The Baore is known for its harsh winters, its vicious white-haired wolves, and of course, its military prowess. More than that, the Baore has earned the fear and awe of Aureum's governing body, the Council. It continues to prove innovative in the alchemical and medical sciences, military-centric education, and industry. However, the Baore does not share its resources with other Aurelesian provinces.

The city of Mannfel is the seat of the Baore's productive industry. Their technological advancement makes them a formidable weapons producer. Surprisingly, the Baore has also mastered the art of the press. They produce more texts than any other province, making them the dominant source of literature in Aureum. A feat that has engendered rivalry between the Baore and the Cenlands.

The Baorean royals, the Gaspars, have a long-standing alliance with the Keepers of the Drach. Their relationship with the Keepers is private, and it is unclear what resources are shared between the Baore and these Illynads.

The Cenlands

This province lies in the heart-center of Aureum, and is the seat of Aurelesian Government. Its massive capitol, Perl, is the central attraction of the province and seat of the Council.

Perl is also home to the Imperium, an institution focused on political, historical, and alchemical sciences; with an in-house academy dedicated to the arcane arts. It was established by the previous Magistress, Ivaia Aurelian of Ro'Hale. The Ministry, the sect of the council which appoints Magisters, is also heavily involved in the Imperium.

The Kingdoms of Rodun and Atalia house the militaries of the Cenlands, which serve the Council, the Ministry, and the Imperium. Their strongest allies are the Heralds of the Moldorn, a Gryphon Legion.

The Herda'al Province

The central-eastern province has everything. Holden Keep is a powerhouse in the lowlands. It's backed by mountainous highlands. The coastal Kingdom of Eldervale is seated at the base of these mountains.

Holden Keep is a fortress that serves as a library and museum. It's maintained by the Order of Transcendants, which is the religious body of the Council.

The Ressid Province

The north-eastern province is restless and rife with hardship. Rulership is shared between the Kingdom of Hannor and the capital, Falmaron. There are two military villages, Eagland and Wolvens, along the Ressid's border with the Baore. These small twin villages are inhabited by legions who have turned against Hannor. Some of its denizens are Baorean deserters.

Falmaron is known as the Jewel of the East, Kingdom of the People. It's a republic city and a powerful hub of commerce. People of all races inhabit Falmaron. It is divided within itself by class and it is rife with crime.

The Village of Falten

This village lies along the Eastern coast. It is impoverished despite being the beneficiary of the Shadow Guild. It is rumored to be little more than a front for the mysterious guild. If so, its appearance is not worth maintaining.

The Shadow Guild

Unlike the Imperium or the Council, the Guild of Shadows answers to no one. It operates underground and its agents are rarely identifiable. It's a notorious information brokerage and deals only with those who can afford its secrets.

The Headmaster of the Guild rarely leaves its confines. Instead, he trains his agents in an array of survival skills before sending them out into Aureum. Some people believe these agents are thieves or assassins. Some believe they infiltrate political parties or kingdoms. They may very well be any of these things. The Guild does not confirm nor deny any rumors.

The Natlantine Province

Along the south-eastern border, nestled agains the Gulf of Lyn, the Natlantine Harbor thrives. Its people are seafarers and explorers. This region is notorious for pirates who raid and reign over the Gypsy Isles.

The Natlantine is also home to the Kingdoms of Serpentar and Trindar. One is ruled by Humans and the Other by Dwarves. Giant's Reach is a keep at the foot of the Herda'al highlands. Yes, it is actually the home of Giants.

The Moldorn Province

The Kingdom of Golsyn and the Kingdom of Serin are allies. The Elven Queen Toril and Human King Alezander work to keep the Moldorn's border with Illyn secure.

The Essyd Tower was erected as a symbol of unity between the kingdoms and the Heralds of War. At its base is a clan called Essyd. Some of the kingdoms' subjects live in Essyd, along with Elistrian Elves who joined the clan in solidarity.

The military camp of Lydany is the collective force of Serin and Golsyn that defends the border. General Vyra is the head of the camp.

Ceden is a fortress on the Horn of Ceden, a region where the border between Aureum and Illyn is contestable. The Ashan of Illyn and the military of Lydany are currently locked in a battle over the fortress.

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