CHAIR’S WELCOME 8th January 2022

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to the first weekend of rugby for 2022!

After the very sensible, yet somewhat disappointing decision to postpone the last matches of 2021, to help keep all our players as Covid free for the Christmas festivities as possible, it’s fantastic to welcome everyone back to the Tomlin Ground. I am very pleased to report that we have 3 teams out playing today, with the 1XV hosting Pulborough (with everyone hoping that the torrential rain the teams played through when they met down on the coast earlier in the season stays away), while the Gerbils host Tunbridge Wells III’s. The Nomads were due to travel to the seaside today for a friendly match against Hastings 1XV, after their opposition in the K3R league couldn’t put out a team. Unfortunately Hastings then pulled out but the fixture has now been fulfilled away against Aylesford IIs. Ensuring that as many of our lads that want to play each weekend get a game is definitely a priority for Catty and myself, so thanks to Chris for calling around to secure the Nomads this fixture.

Today’s match day programme is sponsored by BTF, and we thank them for their continued support of the club. As a club, we are so lucky and grateful, to have some fantastic sponsors and supporters, coaches and volunteers and they all help make Cranbrook RFC a better place for all our members. If you run a business and would like to support Cranbrook Sports Club, please contact chris@mcveighparker.co.uk for more details.

Next weekend is another busy one for all our senior sides, with the 1XV away at Bromley, while the Nomads host Thanet Wanderers II and the Gerbils host Lordswood II. On Sunday afternoon our ladies welcome Canterbury ladies. All the teams look forward to hearing your support from the touch lines!

Here’s to a 2022 full of rugby!

Michelle Forknall

Cranbrook Sports Club Chair


Saturday 15th January

The First team are away to Bromley, KO 2.00pm

The Nomads are at home to Thanet II, KO 2.00pm

The Gerbils are at home to Lordswood II. KO 2.00pm

Sunday 16th January

The Ladies are at home to Canterbury Ladies, KO 2.00pm

#Strengthandhonour 'Oneclub'

What a great day out on 27th December at Big Game 13 for the crowd to watch a great game and win by Quins but also to watch the U9s perform at the half time matches. It's fair to say that all those that travelled up to Twickenham on the day had a thoroughly great time!

Closer to home the Senior sides have enjoyed a great start to the season with both the First Team and Nomads in 3rd place in their respective leagues but do have a game or two in hand over the teams above them. Whilst the Gerbils lie in 9th place in their league they have a number of games in hand on all the teams above them and could see them challenging for honours at season end. With numbers at training exceeding 50 last Thursday evening, competition is fierce for places in all three sides, particularly when considering that more Colts are being introduced into adult rugby at the appropriate time. A lot of credit goes to all the Coaches led by DoR Chris Catt and things look promising for the future.

The Ladies were promoted in 2020 into what is a very tough league so far and currently lie in 6th place. However, this has not dampened their spirits and they continue to train and play hard. Coaches Nigel Posey and John Smith knew this would be a hard season but far more is learnt from these challenges than easy victories and Team Captain Lyndsey Posey continues to keep the Ladies motivated and together as a unit. Well done Ladies and keep facing up to the challenges!

And, let's not forget our team of physios who endeavour to look after the aches, pains and treatment of the players. A big hand to Lucy Overy, Lucy Sparks and Russell May for their commitment to the club and players.

Answers on a postcard...
Looks like a proper injury
Broken fingernail?

Parent and coaching volunteers across all the Mini age groups remain buoyant and turning out in numbers. Across all age groups (U6-U11) we continue to see high attendance and consistent participation, new families are still arriving to “give us a try”. Each age group has adopted new and more efficient ways of tracking attendees and the use of social media is improving as a tool to pass messaging about fixture changes etc. Feedback from parents has been hugely positive thus far this season and the restart of age appropriate contact has provided a very welcome boost to the young players. Looking ahead, the second half of the season shows no signs of slowing down. Home and away volunteers and families are wonderful ambassadors for the club and Sunday mornings are vibrant and fun packed. The “after training” tradition is growing in momentum with a new generation of young players discovering the delights of our woods while plenty of parents stay behind to support the bottom line of the bar and kitchen!

Lastly, we are still in need of a Chef/Cook and Bar staff so please spread the word and contact Michelle on the details in the poster below if there is any interest.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves at Big Game 13 during the Christmas holiday...


The Following Global Law trials came into effect from 1st August.

50:22- To encourage the defensive team to put more players in the backfield, thereby creating more attacking space and reducing defensive line speed.

If the team in possession kicks the ball from inside their own half indirectly into touch inside their opponents’ 22, they will throw into the resultant lineout. The ball cannot be passed or carried back into the defensive half for the 50:22 to be played. The phase must originate inside the defensive half.

Goal line drop-out - To encourage variety in attacking play close to the goal line and to increase ball in play time by replacing a scrum with a kick that must be taken without delay. An opportunity for counter attack is also created.

If the ball is held up in in-goal, there is a knock-on from an attacking player in in-goal or an attacking kick is grounded by the defenders in their own in-goal, then play restarts with a goal line drop-out anywhere along the goal line.

Flying wedge - To reduce number of events where the ball carrier and multiple support players are in contact (latched) prior to contact, and to protect the tackler who can be faced with the combined force of three opposing players.

To sanction the three person pre-bound mini-scrum by redefining the flying wedge.

1-player pre-latched - To be more consistent in the management of the 1-person pre-latched player.

To recognise the potential for 1-player pre-latching prior to contact, but this player must observe all of the requirements for a first arriving player, particularly the need to stay on their feet.

Cleanout and the safety of the jackler - To reduce injury risk to the player being cleaned out.

To introduce a sanction for clean outs which target or drop weight onto the lower limbs.

See all the video examples of the New Law Trials on the World Rugby website

Concussion Awareness

It is worth noting that concussion can be a factor and we ensure that we do everything we can to safeguard all our players as far as possible.

Concussion is very much part of rugby nowadays, which in many cases can be put down to poor tackling technique. A very useful guide can be viewed in the RFU's online "Headcase" e-learning programme at which I would advise any prospective coach/referee/teacher or fan of the game to complete. It's also worth pointing out that concussion can occur in any physical sport or in every day life and is not just confined to the great game of rugby.

What is concussion?

Sport related concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting from a blow to the head or body which results in forces being transmitted to the brain. This typically presents as a rapid onset of short-lived impairment of brain function that resolves spontaneously.

This impairment results from a functional disturbance, rather than a structural injury, and no abnormality is seen on standard hospital scans. A range of signs and symptoms are typically seen, affecting the player's thinking, memory, mood, behaviour, level of consciousness, and various physical effects. Clear loss of consciousness occurs in less than 10% of cases.

Recovery typically follows a sequential course over a period of days or weeks, although in some cases symptoms may be prolonged.

Concussion in Rugby

How common is concussion in rugby?

Concussions occur in everyday life and not just in sport. As a contact sport, rugby does involve frequent body impacts and a risk of accidental head impacts, and therefore a significant potential risk of concussion.

According to the data collected through the RFU’s Community Injury Surveillance & Prevention Programme (CRISP) in age grade rugby (age 15 – 18) the most recent rate shown equates to 1 concussion per team every 10 games and 1 concussion per team every 25 games in adult male rugby. In professional rugby it is 1 every 2-3 team games.

The rise in the rates seen since 2012/13 are almost certainly due to the increased awareness and the much lower threshold for suspecting concussion, and reflect the success of the awareness and education programmes, and media coverage.

Concussion and the RFU

The RFU recognises that concussion is an important player welfare issue in rugby, and takes its responsibilities very seriously. The RFU has a comprehensive risk management strategy which covers the key priorities of:

• Education & Awareness,

• Prevention,

• Management,

• Research,

• Communication.

The strategy is managed and monitored by the RFU Concussion Risk Management Group, The Group is supported by an Independent Concussion Expert Panel advising on concussion policy and monitoring emerging research, and the Economist Health Intelligence Unit who, on a six-monthly basis, provide summaries of all research published, and a qualitative analysis of the key studies.

As coaches, referees, medics, parents and supporters of the game we all have a responsibility to act early and make sure that all players only return if fit and healthy. I would urge everyone to al least view the online piece via the link above.



The Nomads original fixture away at Snowdon CW was cancelled by the oppo and this friendly was arranged against Hastings who are 2nd in Kent 1. However, they pulled out too and the fixture is now away against Aylesford II!



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