Clavichord Medieval 15th century

Clavichord Medieval

15th century, B - f''

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This relatively simple clavichord shows very well the 15th century idiom, and it also gives insight into how this instrument was used. It was originally used to play choral works and to sing intervals.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Maria, Jozef en drie engelen, Adriaen van Wesel, ca. 1475 - ca. 1477

Often seen in paintings and sculptures. In the pictures below you can see the instrument of which the clavichord is derived.

Henri Arnaut de Zwolle (1400 - 1466), physician, astronomer, astrologer, organist
Clavichord no. 2, Musikinstrumenten Museum Leipzig

It is only possible to make a properly playing and sounding medieval clavichord using drawings and images.

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